This is a 3D puzzle game in which the player helps the avatar make way to the end of the each level or puzzle by folding and flipping the tiles of the surface. Once the tiles are altered by the player, the avatar walks straight forward and only changes its direction in case of meeting a folded or flipped tile with an arrow. In case the surface is not properly adapted for the avatar to walk upon all the way out to the Exit Sign, the avatar will end up falling into the hollow, which causes to lose a life or even the game.

Fortunato is an office worker that is drowning in the sea of worries: his sentimental life is chaotic, he is losing his girlfriend, his colleagues make fun of him at any chance and his boss is like a monster that devours everything in the aim of obtaining more power. In a few words, his life is becoming gray and pathetic. The only relief in Fortunato’s existence is his addiction to paper puzzles and the daydreaming he does while solving those mental challenging games.




These tiles are the main symbols the player pays attention to. When seeing an arrow he has to decide how to fold and flip the floor so that when the avatar walks itscourse leads to the exit. These designs look like hand-made drawings in order to give the impression that the game character coud have made them in his dreams.

Tile textures

These are the textures for the surface upon which Fortunato (the game character) walks; they are office papers that the character would usually work with: post-it’s, head letters, envelopes and notebook paper.

Backgrounds (3D and graphics)

These very surreal drawings are made to represent Fortunato’s thoughts and worries, such as his boss’ monstrosity, the cirscus-alike environment at his work, the idea losing his life to games and the coming of his death.

The backgrounds wrap around the game levels as a cylinder to offer the player a 360 degrees panorama.

Cylinder with different planes and depth