Quak, muuu, meee… combat and animal dance street game

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” Quak, muuu, meee, rooarr, hooing..” is a street game played at Raban Urban Games Festival in July, 2022 in Łódź, Poland.

Players dance like animals, collaborate or compete with each other, and do many other funny things but on 2´s, 4´s, 6´s, 8´s or many more legs / limbs!!!! Just as mammals, birds and insects do!

Players have to spin a roulette showing how many limbs they will have during their dance round and the kind of dance they have to perform: combat or synchronized dance.

Players do their dance in order to stay in the game, eliminate their opponent or bring an already-eliminated team player back into the game.

[/vc_column][vc_column width=’1/2′]-Original Concept and Gameplay Design by Enrique Perez “KIX” (2022)